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The EDI Center provides EDI Job Postings and EDI Resources with an emphasis on the Retail Industry and Healthcare EDI.

The EDI Center is an experienced provider of EDI support, contract personnel, and staffing. We can guide you through your new EDI implementation or support your current operations. Our emphasis is retail and we have worked with hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. Our focus is to help you find the best EDI resources for your EDI job.

EDI Employers

Looking for an experienced EDI employee? Send us your posting, our exposure on the Internet is great (top search engine rankings for EDI jobs) and we have many candidates with resumes on file. We have candidates for EDI Analysts, EDI Managers, and EDI Coordinator positions. More info on EDI job postings

EDI Job Hunters

Looking to make a career change in EDI? Send us your resume, check out current EDI Job Openings.

EDI Consultants and Outsourcing

Looking for an EDI Service Provider? Check out our overview on EDI Outsourcing Service Selection and our list of EDI Service Providers and EDI Consultants.

The EDI Center also provides extensive information about electronic data interchange, RFID, and related technologies as they are used by the Retail Industry.

EDI References and Books

New to EDI? Wanting to expand your knowledge? Find EDI Books and References.


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